April 2012

Plastic Surgery in Secret: How Hollywood Stars Do It

By Robert Kotler, M.D. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons know that tabloid news outlets work like intelligence agencies that make their findings public. Very public. Thus, tabloid workers – posing as building supervisors or repairmen — often penetrate into the doctors’ own practices and make attractive cash offers to staff, passersby and even the cleaning crew […]

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Why Hire a Plastic Surgery Coach: Peace of Mind

Just imagine this scenario: You spend hours researching the best plastic surgeon -you speak to your friends, read Yelp reviews, various plastic surgery forums and websites. Now, you are ready to make appointments with several plastic surgeons. You make the appointments, meet with each plastic surgeon, the patient coordinators learning about the doctors’ credentials, and spend time looking at their before and after pictures. Out of the four surgeons […]

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Guys are Opting for Cosmetic Surgery

To date, cosmetic surgery has been linked to women. Chasing vanity, many women have undergone plastic surgeries in order to get that perfect beauty. But it seems the trend is now changing with more and more men going in for corrective surgeries. It seems that the women are not the only ones who want that […]

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Considering Cosmetic Surgery : What Do I Need to Know

Are you considering a cosmetic surgery procedure or other anti-aging treatments? Here are some questions that you are probably wondering about: What steps should I take? How many surgeons or specalists should I go to for consultations? What is my budget? How much is the consultation fee? How do I find the right physician or practice? How […]

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Looking Your Best

The big day is approaching, you want to look your very best. You’ve bought your dress, shoes, accessories, scheduled your hair and make-up. Looking your best should also include picture perfect glowing skin and a radiant smile. Perhaps you’ve be been wondering about how to get rid of sunspots or frown lines on your face. Maybe even considered […]

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