May 2012

Avoid Bruising from Cosmetic Fillers: Be Beautiful

If you are considering Cosmetic Fillers or Botox  on factor to consider is facial bruising, in addition to  Injector’s skill Weddings, public appearances or important professional meetings If you do bruise from cosmetic dermal fillers or Botox treatment, there are OTC products to speed up healing and cover your facial bruising. Tips to Avoid Bruising from Cosmetic Fillers: Plan ahead. One month before a special event. Avoid Green Tea, Aspirin, Fish […]

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Medical Spa or Day Spa: How to Choose

Did you know that there is a difference between a medical spa and a day/resort spa? Choosing what type of spa to go to for your aesthetic treatments largely depends on what services you are seeking.  And yes it does make a difference where you go. Many doctors today own their own spa facility or have affiliations with spas. Medical spas […]

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