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Meet Michele

Michele Garber, the NipTuck Coach, is a leading expert in the plastic surgery and beauty industry, and is nationally recognized as the “go to” person when considering plastic or cosmetic surgery. She is the only truly independent plastic surgery consultant.

“Minimizing your risks, preparing you for surgery and supporting your recovery is the most rewarding part of my practice.”

Michele works closely with women and men nationwide who want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure and are seeking a qualified, ethical and skilled plastic surgeon. She has helped many patients find the right surgeon for them, and has been an advisor to plastic surgeons and skincare manufacturers since 1998. Michele has over 22,000 Twitter and Facebook followers, is a beauty expert, patient advocate, speaker, writer and guest blogger, as well as Editor of Beauty News Talk.  She is the host of The NipTuck Talk Show. Michele’s goal is to help individuals navigate the highly complex and confusing choices available when it comes to deciding who will perform their plastic surgery procedure. Ultimately, she helps people select a proven medical expert who will perform a plastic surgery procedure that will give them not just a great result, but the best result.

Michele has met with patients and worked behind the scenes with the latest cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and has been a training model for new dermal fillers and aesthetic devices. She frequently lectures at medical meetings nationwide on consumer advocacy topics.

Michele knows the media hype, salesmanship and the hard reality behind cosmetic surgery. She has also seen the positive effects good plastic surgery can have in someone’s life. Having been a patient herself she can relate to the anxiety, confusion and potential complications that can occur from making the wrong choice in surgeon, or simply not being prepared for the plastic surgery journey.  Michele brings you her compassion, expertise and personal experience to ensure that your plastic surgery is a complete success.

It’s great to have a third party coach to help you out on all aspects of the journey. What a stress reliever! Not only did Michele provide coaching services, she also picked me up at the hospital, after my surgery in San Francisco, coordinated everything I needed and made sure that I was comfortable, following my doctors orders. She was here for me from the very first moment I considered having plastic surgery through my post-op recovery. The services that Michele provides are simply invaluable. ” Anna B, Reno, NV

As the NipTuck Coach, Michele is committed to making sure you are well informed and prepared  to make the right decision when it comes to selecting a plastic surgeon. She spends a lot of time researching the best surgeons and aesthetic practices in your area, or the geographic region of choice.  All too often patients choose their doctors or procedures based on the wrong reasons, sometimes leading to less than satisfactory results. Michele offers you a clear road map when shopping for the best and safest aesthetic procedures, anti-aging treatments, and cosmetic plastic surgery.

She is passionate about patient advocacy, education, safety, choosing the right surgeon and post operative care. Michele has walked her clients through the emotional ups and downs of cosmetic plastic surgery, rejuvenation treatments and post-operative concerns.

Michele is the author of an E Book “Safety First” and researching for her next E-Book on Pre and Post-Op Preparation.

Michele is a Certified Aesthetic Consultant, is trained and certified in CPR and in emergency response. She has her B.S. in Marketing and Communications and working towards a nutritional certification.

Michele is the mother of two daughters and lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more information or to book a consultation.  Contact Michele 415.494.7211

Michele works independently and does not receive commission from any medical organizations or practices.
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