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Client Testimonials

 ABC Niptuck Coach

Client Testimonials

Read what clients are saying about Michele, The NipTuck Coach:

I’ve consulted with two other cosmetic surgery consultants before and they do not even come close to Michele. She does research before your consultation to check out the doctors you are interested in (I already had some in mind), asks plastic surgeons she knows what the inside scoop is on the doctor you are considering and what his peers actually think of his work. How valuable is that?? She also adds some doctors to your list that you may not have thought of. She knows who is good and who has just good P.R. She let’s you know what to expect from their bedside manner and what questions to ask them. She’s so honest and puts you at ease. Cannot recommend her highly enough.     Erica, 49, New York


While researching the various options for skin care, cosmetic procedures and the related issues of safety and recovery times, I was overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information available. I needed an objective resource that has deep experience in the variety of options available and it wouldn’t hurt if that person actually appeared to care about me vs. just seeing the fees I bring them. Michele brings all of this and more. Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure would benefit greatly from working with Michele.        Dan, 54 San Francisco     

I cannot tell you how strongly your recommendations and support has helped me in this process. Your advice and guidance made all the difference, and truly made this a reality for me, as opposed to the dream I have held for years! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know that is looking into surgery in the future.      Alisa, Phoenix

After a year of research I was feeling overwhelmed deciding amongst the huge quantity of cosmetic surgery options and providers available to me. Considering the amount of money I knew I would be spending on procedures paying a bit more to have some expert help sorting out all of my options seemed very wise. Michele Garber was a complete gem! Michele systematically went through my options with me and helped me to come up with a plan of action I am 100% confident in. Michele helped me sort my priorities, set realistic expectations, learn the right questions to ask surgeons and saved me money by educating me on procedures that were not highly effective. Michele even got me an appointment with a highly sought after plastic surgeon 6 months earlier than the wait list entailed. I am so much calmer about plastic surgery now and I am looking forward to the pre op preparations knowing Michele is there to help!        Lisa 49, San Francisco                                                                                                                                                                                                          

It’s great to have a third party coach to help you out on all aspects of the journey. What a stress reliever! Not only did Michele provide coaching services, she also picked me up at the hospital, after my surgery in San Francisco, coordinated everything I needed and made sure that I was comfortable, following my doctors orders. She was here for me from the very first moment I considered having plastic surgery through my post-op recovery. The services that Michele provides are simply invaluable.     Anna B, Reno, NV

Michele guided me through the maize of facial fillers and skincare products.  I am grateful for her guidance and expert knowledge. Thanks to her I had the understanding and confidence to make the right choice.  Stacey, 60 San Diego                                          

Michele has repeatedly helped me with making informed decisions about cosmetic surgery, Botox, doctors, & skincare products.  It is an overwhelming proposition to find someone who is reputable and trustworthy. Michele removes all the guesswork from the equation and walks the person through the process so he/she knows the most up to date and pertinent information. I am so thankful for her help and guidance.  Steve 49, Oakland

I am almost 60 and I lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years and my face ‘fell’. No fat, no natural collagen. I consulted with Michele. She educated me on the different types of fillers and “matched” me up with a local dermatologist for filler and Botox.  I got Radiesse and am loving the results, I look 10 years younger!  Thanks, Michele.      Kathryn 60, San Francisco

After my  facelift, I was referred to Michele by a friend. I was feeling very depressed and unhappy with my results. Michele was extremely supportive and knowledgeable.   She helped guide me through the post-op healing process. It was so helpful to have a support system.  Judy 45, Bay Area      

My name is John and I live in the UK. For the last 5 months, I have felt isolated and confused because there was no one that I felt that I could honestly trust to help me after I had visited a clinic for eyebrow restoration. I am a research scientist and I asked them some very basic questions which they could not answer and my instant instinct was to get out of the place which I did. I began to wish that there was someone I could contact whom I could truly trust and had the expertise knowledge and contacts to put my mind at ease that I would be in safe hands as possible. I have been doing web searches for months when out of the blue one evening, I came across Michele’s radio show and tuned in to her chat show. I contacted Michele via email and asked if she could help me not realising she was a notable plastic surgery coach!!.I got an immediate reply and the helpful information and guidance Michele sent me relieved my anxiety and frustration immediately. To feel stress free and happy again was wonderful. We really need to do a TV program over here, so that the UK public know that there is such valuable independent expertise in the cosmetic field which is not well governed in the UK. I would like to reinforce previous review posts and recommend anyone who is thinking of a cosmetic procedure to contact Michele. 

Thanks again Michele and keep up the good work, Best Wishes John

Michele is providing a great and much needed service for a lot of people.  Georgia Elmassian, RN,Plastic Surgery educator and nurse consultant.

Michele is one of the few individuals in the industry that is ethical, knowledgeable and most importantly continues to educate herself on this vastly changing industry.  Vivek Bansel, M.D., – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and International Laser Trainer.

Michele is a great patient resource. She balances the desires of patients to get the best aesthetic result in plastic surgery and other beauty procedures, with the very important need for safety. If I meet any potential patient concerned about safety and beautiful aesthetic results, I refer them to Michele.  Roy Kim, M.D. – San Francisco  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Michele is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic consultation. She has a diverse knowledge of the field and understands the expectations of both physicians and patients when it comes to cosmetic procedures or aesthetic medicine. She has a caring personality that makes others feel safe and trusting from the start. There is no doubt anyone who works with her will get superior, honest, and personal guidance. Further, she is a great person who everyone loves to be around. Jason Emer, M.D., – Liposculpture and Body Contouring Specialist; Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist at The Roxbury Institute.

Michele is a self-starter and professional in her area of expertise. She is an excellent cosmetic surgery ‘coach’ and I would recommend her without hesitation to someone who needs guidance in selecting their practitioner!  Karen M. Horton, M.D. – Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic Surgeon, Reconstructive Microsurgeon

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