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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What services do your cosmetic surgery consulting cover?

I provide cosmetic surgery and aesthetic consulting services, education, treatment planning and guidance.  I help patients prepare for their meeting with you, while guiding them to safe procedures with qualified, trained board certified surgeons in the specialties they are seeking.

2.. What is the advantage in client’s using your plastic surgery consulting services rather than coming directly to our office?

By consulting with me first, your job is made easier and you can spend more quality time with the patient discussing the surgical and medical particulars. You will not have “sell” your services. Patients will be informed and have a better understanding of their options.

2. Who pays for your services?

Clients pay me directly, I do not receive any compensation or consideration for physicians, or any other medical facilities.

3. How do you choose which doctors to refer to?

I carefully choose my referrals based on expertise, skill, education, hospital affiliations, surgical specialties, board certifications, peer review literature and geographical location. All plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical specialists go through my vetting process. I typically will refer the names of three (3) surgeons or specialists. My client makes the final decision. 

4.  Do you provide any post-op or follow-up services?

Plastic Surgery clients occasionally require more hand-holding and support. My services include coordinating  post-op care in their home, follow-up emails, and any other non-medical care to make their recovery more comfortable. These additional services are coordinated with your PCC and staff.

5. Do you provide medical advice?

No, I do not provide any medical advice and advise all clients to seek medical advice from their surgeon. I will always tell my clients to speak to their surgeon regarding any medical related issues. My services are for informational and educational purposes only.

If you would like to learn more about how I collaborate with doctors, please contact me at

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