Looking Your Best

Spring Wedding Dress

The big day is approaching, you want to look your very best. You’ve bought your dress, shoes, accessories, scheduled your hair and make-up.

Looking your best should also include picture perfect glowing skin and a radiant smile. Perhaps you’ve be been wondering about how to get rid of sunspots or frown lines on your face. Maybe even considered eyeliner or brow tattooing.

Wanting to look your best means creating a treatment schedule, allowing yourself the proper length of time for healing or any adjustments.  Plan well in advance, do your research or hire a cosmetic consultant  who can set up your schedule, make appointments and guide you through the process. Much like a wedding planner. Don’t want until two weeks before your event.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when schedule your appointments.

  1. Schedule a series of chemical peels or aesthetic treatments at least four-six weeks in advance. If you have sensitive skin you could break out.
  2. If you plan any deep chemical peels or laser treatments, such as Fraxel, start  as early as six months before your event. Be aware that laser treatments take several months before you see results and your skin will  peel, be flaky and pink from a chemical peel.
  3. If you plan to change your skincare routine start four to six weeks in advance. Any change in your skin care routine could cause your skin to react negatively.
  4. If you are using products containing Retin -A, stop one week before the event, so you are not red or peeling on the big day.
  5.  If you are planning on having any Botox  injections or filler injections, stop taking fish oils, green tea, pain relievers and Vitamin E at least  one week before treatment to minimize bruising.  Take arnica prior to the injection and afterwards for bruising.
  6.  Botox should be scheduled at least two weeks before the event. You may bruise, it takes three to seven days to take effect and you may need to tweak the area.
  7. Lip fillers should be done at least four weeks in advance. You may be swollen for seven days and you really will not see the final effect for two weeks. Juvederm swells more than Resytlane, but Juvederm tends to last longer in the lip area in some individuals.
  8. Filling the Eye Hollows should be done at least two months in advance. You could have severe bruising and puffiness. This area is tricky and requires a very skilled injector.
  9. Other Dermal Fillers for the face area should be done a month or two in advance. You may bruise, and have swelling. Plus if you need any adjustments you will have time. This includes Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse.
  10.  If you choose to use a permanent filler such as Sculptra, you will need to start several months in advance as this filler requires more injections and time to see results.
  11.  If you have sunspots and choose laser treatments,(IPL), start as early as six months in advance, this advice is the same for any type of laser treatment, even vein therapy.
  12. If you are considering permanent makeup, there is some swelling of the treated area which may last may last from two to seventy two hours. Plan ahead because the color is much darker than you may expect for the first six to ten days. You are given antibiotics and could have unforeseen side effects.

Seek medical and professional advice before undergoing any treatments and don’t buy “Groupon” specials, unless you know  the facility or practice.

You Only Have One Face and Body; Choose Wisely.

Please email me if you have questions.


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