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Media Inquires: Plastic Surgery Safety

 Media inquires about Plastic Surgery Safety and Plastic Surgery Coaching

Michele Garber is a leading expert in Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery. Michele frequently lectures on plastic surgery safety, patient expectations and plastic surgery best practices at medical conferences throughout the Untied States. Michele is the host of The NipTuck Talk Show, a weekly Podcast featuring medical guests from around the world.250 x 250 mag covers

Michele is located in San Francisco, CA

Michele is available for interviews and articles on topics such as:

  •  Plastic Surgery Consumer Safety
  • Plastic Surgery  and Aesthetic Trends 
  • Botched Plastic Surgery
  • How to Choose a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon
  • Celebrity Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery Coaching

Please contact: Giles Raine
(949) 768-1522

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