Plastic Surgery Coaching Services


Plastic Surgery Coaching Services , Michele Garber

Michele offers customized plastic surgery coaching services to meet your unique needs.

Having plastic surgery is a lifetime commitment and a journey. Navigating online resources and trying to figure out what is real and fake is time consuming and costly.  

Your surgeon may not answer all your questions and there are many questions you may not even think of asking.

 She is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable with many years of experience in the aesthetic medical industry.

Whether you are having a procedure for the first time, a revision, need more support or recovery services. Michele will be there for your peace of mind and comfort.

Let Michele coach you through this life changing journey. You’ll be glad you did.

We see patients in Beverly Hills. Please inquire about dates.

NEW:   Plastic Surgery Concierge Recovery Services. Servicing the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Greater Los Angeles.


Plastic Surgery Coaching Services call  Michele: 415.494.7211 Skype: mychel53

or Email:

“You only have one face and one body! Choose wisely”

– Michele Garber


We will customized your individual needs including revision surgery.

*One hour in-person or Skype consultation: $375.00

  • 3 Surgeon or provider referrals
  • Aesthetic goal counseling
  • Appointment setting  with provider
  • Procedure information and coaching
  • Treatment planning and schedule
  • Written questions to ask your surgeon and E-book Safety First
  • Skincare information and Esthetician referal
  • Pre-treatment or pre-op support
  • 30- day email or phone follow-up

*90-minute consultation is also available per request.


Accompanying patient to surgical or aesthetic treatment consultation : $125.00 per hour

Plastic Surgery Concierge Services: Starting at $1500 including recovery support

  • Surgeon referral and education
  • Accompaniment to consultations or appointments
  • Counseling and on-going support before, during and throughout recovery
  • Patient advocacy and support
  • 24-hour Post-op care in patient’s home, hotel or extended stay
  • Arranging and scheduling of personal services such as hair, stylist, lymphatic drainage massage, Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments
  • Beauty makeover
  • Arranging meal delivery
  • Arranging travel or hotel accommodations
  • Hotel check-in
  • Chaperone services the day of treatment or surgery
  • Recommendations and or purchase of Post-operative non-medical product kit
  • Nutritional support
  • Continued phone and email support (up to four 15- minute phone calls and 90 day email follow-up)

We will customize your services based on your unique personal and family needs.

Hourly rates are available. Please inquire.


We take all Credit Cards and Paypal  

*A credit card will secure your appointment.

* A 24 hour cancellation notice is required  or credit card is charged in full

All clients are required to sign a disclaimer prior to their consultation.

We will try to negotiate consultation fees or get them waived on your behalf.

Consultation is not a substitute for medical advise. We do not give any medical advise. Any medical or psychological counseling is referred out.

* We are not associated with any medical offices or providers and do not accept monetary compensation for our referrals.

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