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Plastic Surgery Aftercare San Francisco


Serving San Francisco, *Silicon Valley, Beverly Hills

We understand what you are going through and have expertise in plastic surgery healing and recovery. 

We can provide you with the comfort, support and care you need for a seamless recovery.

Private, Confidential and Discreet

In the Comfort of  Your Home or Hotel

Ask us about our special discounted VIP recovery hotel rates on Union Square in San Francisco.

Our goal is for you to have a worry free plastic surgery recovery.

Michele and Valerie will provide for your aftercare in San Francisco and Beverly Hills.  It’s our experience that friends and family are not always suited or prepared  to take care of  you during your recovery. Michele and Valerie provide the care that you will need to help you heal during your recovery. There are times that your surgeon may want you to have a Registered Nurse for the first 24-hours after your surgery. We can provide you with a RN for your post-op care, should you need one.  Most patients do not need a Registered Nurse for their care after the first 24 hours, however if you need medical care beyond what we can offer, we can arrange for an experienced plastic surgery recovery nurse to be by your side.

We follow your surgeons specific instructions, keep you well  hydrated and make sure that are taking the proper nutrients for your body to heal.


Thank you for all that you have done. Having any procedure whether big or small can be a bit scary; especially when you are going through it alone, and being that it is something very private and personal. I am graciously thankful to have someone like you assisting me after my plastic surgery procedure with my first day post-operative care. At first, I was a little skeptical. However, from the moment I spoke to you over the phone and reading your emails, I felt very at ease. When I finally met you in person, I immediately felt very comfortable, as if I have known you forever! Your care is exceptional, because not only does it show that you care about helping others, but you are very passionate in what you do. I was very pleased to hear you call me the day before my procedure to make sure that I was prepared. You also took the time to answer any questions or concerns that I had, and making me feel reassured that you would support me through my after care. I thought it was very sweet of you to ensure that I was comfortable and that all my needs were met before you allowed yourself to relax. I am truly grateful to have you help me through my healing process, and would definitely refer to you again and/or refer you to my friends and families, if they should ever need it. I am also doing very well, and healing as expected. Thank you.  S.N., Fresno, CA


Plastic Surgery After Care Services:

  • Pre-Surgical Shopping and Preparation
  • Hotel Accommodations and Check-in
  • Airport and Ground  Transportation
  • Transportation and Pick-up the Day of Surgery
  • Limousine services available upon request
  • 24-Hour Post-Surgical After Care Services
  • Registered Nurses available upon request
  • Nutritional Meal Preparation
  • Prescription Drop Off and Pick-up
  • *Planning and Arranging Personal Services such as Stylist, Hair Color/Cut
  • *Beauty Makeover
  • *Lymphatic massage
  • *Hyperbaric Oxygen  (Transcutaneous oxygen pressure treatment)
  • Customize Packages Available Based on Your Family and Individual Needs
  • Complete Plastic Surgery Coaching and After Care Concierge Services

*Services are not included in after care pricing

*We are not a subsitute for medical care.  It is important to check with your plastic surgeon, prior to contacting us  if non-medical care is right for you.


After Care Services  (24hr) and Plastic Surgery Pre-Post Op Counseling: $1500

24- Hour Post Surgical After Care : $900.00 * Rates may vary outside the Bay Area.

Minimum of 4 hours is required: $425.00

Hourly rate after 4 hours: $60.00

Registered Nurse: Please inquire about rates.

Transportation rate: $175.00 (2 hour minimum) $55.00 every hour thereafter

Plastic Surgery Coaching and Concierge Packages are available starting at $2500.00

50% Advance Deposit for after care services  with a preferred 2- week notice.

72 hour cancellation policy for after care services. Fees may apply.

We accept all Major Credit Cards, Personal Checks and PayPal.

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Our Team

Michele Garber

Michele Garber

Michele is the founder of The NipTuck Coach and host of The NipTuck Talk Show. She has been in the aesthetic medical industry for more than 25 years working with both patients and surgeons. She has extensive experience in the plastic surgery industry, plastic surgery coaching and post-op care. Michele has cultivated excellent relationships with the top plastic surgeons in the country.  She understands what you are going through and how to make this journey  comfortable for you and your family members. Michele is certified in CPR and is a team Member of the Berkeley Emergency Response Team.

Valerie Mehlman

Valerie Mehlman

Valerie founded AfterAfter Care in Beverly Hills in 2012 to care for plastic surgery post-op patients in the greater Los Angeles Area. Valerie is amongst a rare breed of people who was born, raised and still resides on the Westside of Los Angeles. Growing up in the mecca of plastic surgery, Valerie has experience and knowledge in the plastic surgery industry.  Her location and knowledge of the greater Los Angeles and outline areas allows her to expedite the needs of her patients. She has established excellent working relationships and has gained the trust of the top  surgeons in the area. Valerie is certified in CPR.

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