Why Hire a Plastic Surgery Coach: Peace of Mind

Just imagine this scenario:

You spend hours researching the best plastic surgeon -you speak to your friends, read Yelp reviews, various plastic surgery forums and websites. Now, you are ready to make appointments with several plastic surgeons. You make the appointments, meet with each plastic surgeon, the patient coordinators learning about the doctors’ credentials, and spend time looking at their before and after pictures. Out of the four surgeons you have seen, two of them charge a consultation fee of  $225.00, which will be applied towards your surgery costs. You come home exhausted and confused, having spent hours of your busy schedule having face to face meetings with plastic surgeons discussing your surgery options, plus $450.00 towards consultation fees, not to mention parking and gas. After much consideration, you finally choose one of the 4 plastic surgeons you had a consultation with. You plan the date and receive  your  pre-op  instructions. You leave the office excited, anxious and overwhelmed regarding all the details leading up to your surgery date. There are pre-op medical appointments, post-op shopping, planning for post-op care, clearing your schedule and more.

There is much to think about and lots of planning. You have a busy schedule already and now with your pending surgery, you are even busier. Your doctor assures you that their staff will be your support system and make all the necessary arrangements for your post-op care. You have your surgery, your recovery process is longer than anticipated, you have many questions regarding healing and  you need more support than your doctor can give you. You may even become depressed right after a cosmetic surgery procedure. You see your doctor for several quick post-op visits, and he assures you everything is healing well.  You still have concerns, and no one to talk to that really understands what you are going through. Or what if the worst happens and you are not happy with the results and feel you made a big error in judgement, despite all you due diligence.

Now imagine that you hired a cosmetic surgery coach. You received all the information upfront about the plastic surgery you are considering; the good, bad and ugly. You were personally “matched” with the best top plastic surgeon to fit your needs, personality and budget. Your appointments are arranged  for you, your post surgery recovery items are ordered for you, you have a resource and support person whom is going to be with you through-out your plastic surgery journey, including coordinating for more post-op care, should you need it.

Your plastic surgery consultant works for you! Your plastic surgeon is happy you are getting the support and care you need. Your plastic surgery coach has saved  you time, money, and  most important, YOU HAVE PEACE OF MIND.  You are a happier patient.  Isn’t that worth it?

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